Join us for one of our interactive, engaging, in-person workshops on Sunday, March 27 (the day before the symposium begins) at the Marriott Downtown Toronto. Choose from the following two options:

Garth Kirkham

NI 43-101 & Project Development

08:00 to 13:00 | $300

Garth Kirkham

A half day introduction and practical application of NI 43-101. This course has been specifically prepared to introduce mining industry executives, finance & legal professionals and other management professionals to the requirements of National Instrument NI 43-101.

Debra Mashek
Jason Fearnow

Building inter-company collaborations: Perspectives and practices

13:00 to 17:00 | $300

Debra Mashek & Jason Fearnow

While all mining projects require the coordinated efforts of many skilled partners, few projects rise to the level of true collaboration. This highly interactive half-day workshop invites participants to (a) examine the meaning of collaboration; (b) reflect on their personal and business interests in pursuing truly collaborative projects; (c) identify the extent to which they and their potential partners have in place the necessary capacities and supports for feasible and sustainable inter- company collaboration; (d) explore points of overlap and tension in the mindsets, concerns, enthusiasms, and drivers of contractors, owners, and vendors; and (e) identify specific practices individuals and companies can take to better position themselves to realize the promise and potential of inter-company collaborations.